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   The ancient Greek word, telos, loosely means the direction of our movement. Telos, like
the word telescope, describes where we are pointing our energy, the subconscious or
conscious goal we seek out. We all have a telos that directs us, maybe we always wanted
that job, or a family that looked like them, or a large bank account. We don’t always have
the best directions, sometimes our telos involve pride or proving someone wrong. As
Christians read stories of Jesus, we realize that He had a telos too. Jesus had a direction of
movement that involved Himself and all of creation.
      As a Christian, Jesus is how I understand God. Jesus has opened my mind and my
heart to a mysterious, large, and loving God who is up to something big in our world, and
the resurrection helps me understand that. During this time of year, Christians tell a story of
the life, betrayal, death, and resurrection of Jesus. We believe that this story is important
and meaningful, in that, it communicates to us what God is doing in our world.
     God has desired to make His home among us. Revelation ends with God stating that His
home will now be among humans. The only thing stopping that homecoming, is our
propensity for greed, hate, violence, and what the Bible calls sin. Sin not only separates us
from one another, but it has separated us from God, from being at home with Him.
     So, what is God up to?  Throughout Jesus’ life He regularly told His disciples that He
would be handed over, killed and on the third day be brought back to life. He says his life
will be taken, but that will not be the end. No disciple understood what Jesus meant by this.
And then it happened, Jesus was betrayed by a brother, taken from amongst them, beaten,
stripped, mocked, and murdered on a cross. The brutality and darkness of the world seem
to win. Until you read Jesus in John 10 say that “no one takes His life, but He lays it down of
His own accord.” Jesus died on His terms.
      For a moment it looks like death swallows up every good and true action. It appears that
hate and violence are the premier forces in our world. Except, resurrection happens! On the
third day, Jesus walks out of the tomb and announces evil does not defeat love, and light
overpowers darkness! Jesus walks out of the tomb stating that God is not giving up on this
world. Violence, hate, and death are the old ways, and something new is coming.
   Jesus also announces that the sin that separates us from God has been paid for, because
He used His life to pay the price for your life and mine. Think about it this way, Jesus
sacrificed His life on His own accord for us. Which means Jesus was not tricked into loving
you but chose to love even if it hurt Him. So, what is God’s goal? I think it’s a little obvious,
but His goal is you, me, and our world. God is restoring the world, redeeming creation,
healing brokenness, so you and I can be at home with God. A home where death and tears
are not present, but everything is in its right and good place. If you are curious about this
story, you are always invited to worship and inquire at First Baptist Cornelia.